Yinghui R64 Flip Leather Phone Case For Samsung Galaxy A71 | Мобильные телефоны и аксессуары

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Описание товара

After the old version pu leather phone case, we found a way to conquer the defeat and make more perfect pu leather phone case


First, the material of the r64 skin case is novel rare and endurance then the older pu leather, the old pu leather case will become hard due to the mateiral, but for this r64 skin leather, it is change the older concept of the leather case.the r64 skin leather is more endurance and longevity .


Second,the edge of the case with a folded leather, it is will reduce the wear and friction

the paint of the edge will not easy to drop and scratch, because the folded edge


Third, the surface of the case is more charming with shine light, also it is will more comfort touch sense.

as you see in the pictures, the case is more beautifull in the surface, it is not the effect of the photoshop make it, but the real case with the charming and shine light


not only the surface is more beauti but also the usage and function is more practical ,the case with kickstand, card slots,photo frame with it make the life convenience

at last, enjoy the use of the r64 skin leather case