LED Lamp C37 6W attack E14 candle-light cool | Лампы и освещение

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Описание товара

Color temperature: 6400K
Efficiency: 89lm/w

Lumens: 534

Absorbing 55 mA

Frequency 50/60Hz
Angle 200â €™
Size 37 X99 mm
PF >0.5
CRI >80
Led Chip 2835
Voltage 165-265V

Operating temperatures-22 ~ + 45â €™C
ON/OFF 15000
Life hours 25000hrs

Material Polycarbonate/PC


Dimmable No
Protection Grade IP20

Lamps LED ultra-low power consumption from the classic shape, for Operation mains voltage, directly replaceable to a source with attack E14.

Lâ €™High performance LED shanyao ensures a remarkable luminous flux and energy savings up allâ €™85% than traditional lamps.
Long life span up to 25.000 hours, allows unâ €™Extreme reduction of maintenance and replacement costs.
Ignition instant, instantaneous maximum light output and stable light throughout the life of the lamp.
Totally free from electromagnetic emissions, UV rays and infrared and reduced heat emission.
Perfect compatibilitÃ: the LED bulbs Shanyao can be replaced to those present at home without having to do any changes to your. Just choose the right between the various available.
Long life (no replacement costs)
Facilissima installation, suitable for home, office, retail or lighting installation in factory
The standard sizes allow all kinds of installation
The LED bulbs are lâ €™Perfect alternative to ordinary incandescent bulbs. Have several advantages, including the main ecological è the fact to be più in all directions: do not contain mercury, help us save in fattuta light, do not emit heat, and their useful life è about 10 times longer than traditional bulbs, Which every day become increasingly più obsolete. Bulbs and LED lamps provide much più power and intensità light with power consumption very più reduced.
In addition, in Eliocoop find bulbs LED large-grade for all kinds of uses, both private that professional, and at very affordable prices.

Bulbs Shanyao have a high color rendering index (CRI > 80) to bright colors.
Color rendering index (CRI) it is used to describe the capacità a source on a color.

Outdoor natural light has a CRI of 100 and è used as standard of comparison for all other light sources. The CRI LED bulbs Shanyao è always greater than 80, close to the value of the sunlight, and reflects the colors so realistic and natural.Â
Instant Light all'accensioneLuce, not è più need wait: the LED bulbs Shanyao you offer immediately a luminosità full when the light.