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10pcs Silk Fiberglass for Nail Extension Form Non-Woven Silks UV Gel Building Fiber French Acrylic DIY Manicure Accessory Description: Do you want a beautiful long nails  immediately? Our non-woven silk fiber nail extension is a great choice for you!

1. Specially designed for nail extension.
2. Flexible & Lightweight.
3. Easy to Apply, for home to professional use.
4. Non-toxic, safe non-woven silks.
5. Naturally stable and convenient.

1. Nail Extension: Specially designed for nail extension. Our nail extension which allows you adjust the length and shape you want,Easy application and adhesion,Naturality in the final result.
2. Flexible & Lightweight: Unlike the acrylic nail tips, the non-woven silk nails extension is more flexible and lighter than acrylic. It will not affect you to do housework and you even do not feel it exists.
3. Easy to Apply: Might be difficult for the first use to beginners, but just take some practice, and you will get a nice result. Suitable for professional use and home use.
4. This Non-woven Silks contrast to the old paper nail form and fiberglass, easier to operate for nail extension.
5. It make the extension nails more naturally stable and convenient with this non-woven silks.

Step 1: Trim your nails, and then apply the base coat.
Step 2: Cut non-woven silk to the length you like with scissor and put it on your nail surface.
Step 3: Use tweezers to fix the non-woven silk.
Step 4: Apply a layer of the builder gel and then cure under UV/LED lamp for 1 minute.
Step 5: Apply the builder gel again for 30 seconds. When semi-dry state, using the pinching clips to maintain the curvature. Then cure nails again.
Step 6: Remove pinching clips from nails. And then polishing and cleaning the shape of nails.
Step 7: Apply the top coat to shiny and beauty. Finally cure again for 1 minute.

Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect. Please allow minor deviation due to manual measurement.

Material: Non-woven Silks
Specifications: Non-woven silk nail extension(10 pieces)/Non-woven silk nail extension(20 pieces)/extension glue (net content 6.5g)
Size: Non-woven silk nail extension 6*4cm

Package Includes: 10 x fiber nail extension/20 x fiber nail extension/1 x extension glue