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Описание товара

Name: Red crowbar

Net weight: 0.01

Usage: put pry knife special crow mouth, make an effort to become warped.

Methods of preventing skid: please cover the watch with a piece of cotton cloth to prevent slippage in your hands. You can also put a piece of tape at the edge of the knife to prevent skidding and make the bottom cover flower!

Watch bottom cover is usually three kinds:
1. The bottom of the tooth (above the bottom cover is made up of small numerous teeth). The bottom cover must be as the round bottom, the waterproof performance is good. Such as rolex, high-grade watch tuo, etc for this kind of bottom cover.
2. Bottom of the screw (there are usually six small notches on the bottom cover, and only two small notches on the very few). This kind of bottom cover must be round, and the middle and high-grade table is usually such a bottom cover.
3. Common bottom (usually at 7 or 11 on the bottom cover with a small special pry opening. Some watches in addition to the pry mouth, the bottom cover also has 6 small recesses, this is the false screw bottom. This kind of bottom cover is round bottom or square bottom, it is common in middle and low level table, and can also be seen in a few high-grade tables.