DJI Mavic pro Accessories 4 in 1 kit Landing Gear Leg Lens Hood Sunshade Battery Charging Port and Drone Cover Cap Protector | Электроника

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Product information

Landing Gear 

  • Secure snap-on design for quick installation and removal
  • Widens stance to prevent tipping over during take off/landings
  • Raises aircraft up 1 inch-keeping camera away from dirt/sand
  • Weight: 23g / 0.81ounce

Lens Hood Sunshade

  • Improve photo/video quality when flight,block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare and lens flare,absorbs and reduces flare and stray light.
  • Protect the lens and the gimbal
  • It do not interfere the obstacle avoidance
  • Note: The sides will come into view when you quickly yaw/pitch or in sports mode, no vignetting when tilting 0-90° / roll angle 0+-18°
  • Under normal filming conditions (flying slow and smooth) the sun hood do not come into view when panning the camera to the edge. Under aggressive flying, it will come into view.

Battery Charging Port Cover Cap and Drone Body Protector Dust-proof Plug

  • Silicone material, nontoxic, safe.Dust-proof Short-circuit proof
  • Protect battery charging port Injection-molded, non-3D-printed.
  • Temperature resistance: -30 ~ 230 ℃
  • Packing list:
  • 1 pcs Battery plug
  • 1 pcs Drone body cover
  • 1 pcs Sunshade
  • 1pcs Landing gear
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