Eectric Gates//Electric Swing Gate Opener 300 KG Motor With 4 Remote Control AC220V & AC110V& AC/DC24V | Безопасность и

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Input Voltage:   24VDC 40W

Rotational Speed:250RPM

Rod's Running Speed:1.6cm/s

Rod's Max Travel:300mm

Continue running time: 5min

Max Single-leaf Length:2.5m*2

Travel Max Single-leaf Weight:300KG

GEnvironment Temperature:-40°C~+50°C

Protection Calss:IP55

 Functions and testing:

1. Indicator LED light: It’s always on once the system electrified. LED indicator for “auto-closing”flashes every 1second. It turns off when enter into the learning code state or removing code state; it flashes twice after successfully learning code or removing code.

2. Transmitter : using our company own customed rolling code. Singe-leaf button controls opening and closing of MOTOR2, double-leaf button simultaneously controls

opening and closing of MOTOR1 & MOTOR2. The control panel can memorize 20 transmitters at most.

3. Code-learning: press and hold learning button for 1second then release, LED turns off and press any button of transmitter, then LED flashes twice, now the codes has been learnt to the panel. If there is no any signals received within 5seconds, the LED will light and then exit code-learning state .

4. Code-removing: press and hold learning button (once you press learning button,LED is off), 5seconds later LED lights up, now the codes has been removed.