Original new 100% 50V2200UF Japanese industry 18X35.5 2200UF high frequency and long life 50V KY | Электронные компоненты и

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Welcome to visit our company, thank you for your support of our company.

                        Shenzhen MingSheng International Trading Co., Ltd.

                                 Sales representative:Yang Ming

                                 Alibaba popular ID: cn1501043230

  (1) the customer respect, because of various types and the prices are often change, so the company product price is just for reference, the need to friends be sure to please contact with oneself thick to shoot down baby.

  (2) the company the sales of electronic products are quality goods, all the original electronic product all has the quality guarantee, customers buy electronic products in the one-year any quality problem in can exchange goods, return, refund unconditionally, return the company should take all the freight.

  (3) the company long-term and UPS, EMS, DHL, FEDEX, such as TNT international express logistics company close cooperation, freight prices relative can more preferential. If you need to use electronic products, we can choose to "express" delivery the goods will be sent to you way, general 4 to 5 days can reach the destination, freight relatively expensive a little. If you don't need, so we can give you choose "general" way of delivery time, generally in 7-20 days to reach its destination, freight express "relative" the shipment is much cheaper way. But two delivery is safe way to arrive at the destination, will not cause you any economic loss, please all our customers can rest assured.