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Long distance and local optical transmission network, data transmission network , image transmission networks , CATV, optical test equipment, photoelectric automatic control systemProduct level: the network levelFeatures:Products produced by the Japanese Kyocera ceramic pin , imported high-quality fiber optic cable.The introduction of foreign advanced technology and grinding equipment grinding , polishing fiber powerful guarantee for the center offset depressed fiber , fiber surface without scratches or flaws of faults, the size of the ceramic end radius of curvature of the other technical parameters meet the standard requirements .Insertion loss, return loss ; exchange performance , repeated mating performance , easy to use .The company 's products to choose from ST, SC, FC, LC, MU, D4, SM4, FDDI, MT-RJ and other indicators.Specifications are single-mode single-core, multi-mode dual-core and so on.Insertion loss: singlemode 0.18dB; return loss : PC45dB UPC50dB, APC60dbConnector plug more than 1000 times , insertion loss variation of <0.20dBInterchangeability : Any butt 0.18dBTemperature range : -40 - + 80 Tensile strength : 45Kg (0.9SM fiber excluded)Vibration test : <0.1dB (5-50Hz, 1.5SM amplitude )Outer diameter : 3mm / 2mm / 0.9mmLength: 3 meters( Can be customized in various lengths ) Main production : ST, SC, FC, MTRJ single / multi-mode / OM3 fiber jumpers , transceiver, audio and video Optical, indoor and outdoor single multimode fiber optic cable, fiber optic terminal box , ODF frame, coupler customized various special lengths , model fiber jumpers

Harley Optical Price List ( neutral packaging , one year replacement , 3 year warranty ,Available test report )

Name:UnitUnit price
One -way Pure Video OpticalRight189
A road with data OpticalRight219
Two -way video- OpticalRight229
With two -way data OpticalRight249
4 Pure Video OpticalRight219
4 -way with data OpticalRight235
8 Pure Video OpticalRight235
8 -band data OpticalRight249
16 Pure Video OpticalRight390
16 with data OpticalRight440
16 Pure Video OpticalRight460
16 with data OpticalRight500

Splice minimum 3.8 / pc

Single drop cable 0.18 / m

Can build a variety of models of different lengths of fiber jumpers ( own factory )

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